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  FM Flow Meters
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Part No.Desc.
FLO014100GROOVEDFM 100mm FM Approved Grooved Influx Flowmeter (600-3400 dm3/min)
FLO014150GROOVEDFM 150mm (165.1mmod) INFLUX Firesure FM Approved Grooved End Flow Meter
FLO014200GROOVEDFM 200mm FM Approved Grooved Influx Flowmeter (3000-15000dm3/min)
FLO0833000-8AN Gerand Mod K3000 8" ANSI
FLO0833000-8G Gerand Mod K3000 8" Grooved
FLO083K100-2-1/2AN Gerand Mod K100 2.1/2" ANSI
FLO083K100-2-1/2BW Gerand Mod K100 2.1/2" Butt Weld
FLO083K100-2-1/2G Gerand Mod K100 2.1/2" Grooved
FLO083K1000-6AN Gerand Mod K1000 6" ANSI
FLO083K1000-6BW Gerand Mod K1000 6" Butt Weld
FLO083K1000-6G Gerand Mod K1000 6" Grooved
FLO083K1000-8AN Gerand Mod K1000 8" ANSI
FLO083K1000-8BW Gerand Mod K1000 8" Butt Weld
FLO083K1000-8G Gerand Mod K1000 8" Grooved
FLO083K1250-6AN Gerand Mod K1250 6" ANSI
FLO083K1250-6BW Gerand Mod K1250 6" Butt Weld
FLO083K1250-6G Gerand Mod K1250 6" Grooved
FLO083K1250-8AN Gerand Mod K1250 8" ANSI
FLO083K1250-8BW Gerand Mod K1250 8" Butt Weld
FLO083K1250-8G Gerand Mod K1250 8" Grooved
FLO083K150-3AN Gerand Mod K150 3" ANSI
FLO083K150-3BW Gerand Mod K150 3" Butt Weld
FLO083K150-3G Gerand Mod K150 3" Grooved
FLO083K1500-10AN Gerand Mod K1500 10" ANSI
FLO083K1500-10BW Gerand Mod K1500 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K1500-10G Gerand Mod K1500 10" Grooved
FLO083K1500-8AN Gerand Mod K1500 8" ANSI
FLO083K1500-8BW Gerand Mod K1500 8" Butt Weld
FLO083K1500-8G Gerand Mod K1500 8" Grooved
FLO083K200-3AN Gerand Mod K200 3" ANSI
FLO083K200-3BW Gerand Mod K200 3" Butt Weld
FLO083K200-3G Gerand Mod K200 3" Grooved
FLO083K200-4AN Gerand Mod K200 4" ANSI
FLO083K200-4BW Gerand Mod K200 4" Butt Weld
FLO083K200-4G Gerand Mod K200 4
FLO083K2000-10AN Gerand Mod K2000 10" ANSI
FLO083K2000-10BW Gerand Mod K2000 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K2000-10G Gerand Mod K2000 10" Grooved
FLO083K2000-8AN Gerand Mod K2000 8" ANSI
FLO083K2000-8BW Gerand Mod K2000 8" Butt Weld
FLO083K2000-8G Gerand Mod K2000 8" Grooved
FLO083K25-1-1/4BW Gerand Mod K25 1.1/4" Butt Weld
FLO083K250-4AN Gerand Mod K250 4" ANSI
FLO083K250-4BW Gerand Mod K250 4" Butt Weld
FLO083K250-4G Gerand Mod K250 4" Grooved
FLO083K250-5AN Gerand Mod K250 5" ANSI
FLO083K250-5BW Gerand Mod K250 5" Butt Weld
FLO083K250-5G Gerand Mod K250 5" Grooved
FLO083K2500-10AN Gerand Mod K2500 10" ANSI
FLO083K2500-10BW Gerand Mod K2500 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K2500-10G Gerand Mod K2500 10" Grooved
FLO083K2500-8AN Gerand Mod K2500 8" ANSI
FLO083K2500-8BW Gerand Mod K2500 8" Butt Weld
FLO083K2500-8G Gerand Mod K2500 8" Grooved
FLO083K300-4AN Gerand Mod K300 4" ANSI
FLO083K300-4BW Gerand Mod K300 4" Butt Weld
FLO083K300-4BW 100mm FM Approved GERAND K300-4BW Butt Welded Flowmeter (range:150-600USGPM) Dual Scale
FLO083K300-4G Gerand Mod K300 4" Grooved
FLO083K3000-10AN Gerand Mod K3000 10" ANSI
FLO083K3000-10BW Gerand Mod K3000 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K3000-10G Gerand Mod K3000 10" Grooved
FLO083K3000-8AN 200mm FM Gerand K3000-8 ANSI Flanged Flowmeter (1500-6000USGPM) Dual Scale
FLO083K3000-8BW Gerand Mod K3000 8" Butt Weld
FLO083K3000-8G 200mm FM Approved Gerand K3000-8G Grooved Flowmeter (1500-6000)
FLO083K3500-10AN Gerand Mod K3500 10" ANSI
FLO083K3500-10BW Gerand Mod K3500 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K3500-10G Gerand Mod K3500 10" Grooved
FLO083K3500-12AN Gerand Mod K3500 12" ANSI
FLO083K3500-12BW Gerand Mod K3500 12" Butt Weld
FLO083K3500-12G Gerand Mod K3500 12" Grooved
FLO083K4000-10AN Gerand Mod K4000 10" ANSI
FLO083K4000-10BW Gerand Mod K4000 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K4000-10G Gerand Mod K4000 10
FLO083K4000-12AN Gerand Mod K4000 12" ANSI
FLO083K4000-12BW Gerand Mod K4000 12" Butt Weld
FLO083K4000-12G Gerand Mod K4000 12" Grooved
FLO083K450-4AN Gerand Mod K450 4" ANSI
FLO083K450-4BW Gerand Mod K450 4" Butt Weld
FLO083K450-4G Gerand Mod K450 4" Grooved
FLO083K450-5AN Gerand Mod K450 5" ANSI
FLO083K450-5BW Gerand Mod K450 5" Butt Weld
FLO083K450-5G Gerand Mod K450 5" Grooved
FLO083K4500-10AN Gerand Mod K4500 10" ANSI
FLO083K4500-10BW Gerand Mod K4500 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K4500-10G Gerand Mod K4500 10" Grooved
FLO083K4500-12AN Gerand Mod K4500 12" ANSI
FLO083K4500-12BW Gerand Mod K4500 12" Butt Weld
FLO083K4500-12G Gerand Mod K4500 12" Grooved
FLO083K50-2BW Gerand Mod K50 2" Butt Weld
FLO083K500-5AN Gerand Mod K500 5" ANSI
FLO083K500-5BW Gerand Mod K500 5" Butt Weld
FLO083K500-5G Gerand Mod K500 5" Grooved
FLO083K500-6AN Gerand Mod K500 6" ANSI
FLO083K500-6BW Gerand Mod K500 6" Butt Weld
FLO083K500-6G Gerand Mod K500 6" Grooved
FLO083K5000-10AN Gerand Mod K5000 10" ANSI
FLO083K5000-10BW Gerand Mod K5000 10" Butt Weld
FLO083K5000-10G Gerand Mod K5000 10" Grooved
FLO083K5000-12AN Gerand Mod K5000 12" ANSI
FLO083K5000-12BW Gerand Mod K5000 12" Butt Weld
FLO083K5000-12G Gerand Mod K5000 12" Grooved
FLO083K750-5AN Gerand Mod K750 5" ANSI
FLO083K750-5BW Gerand Mod K750 5" Butt Weld
FLO083K750-5G Gerand Mod K750 5" Grooved
FLO083K750-6AN Gerand Mod K750 6" ANSI
FLO083K750-6BW Gerand Mod K750 6" Butt Weld
FLO083K750-6G Gerand Mod K750 6" Grooved

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