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  LPCB Flow Meters
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Part No.Desc.
ASS014FILTER Filter Element and Drain for Influx Flowmeter (S1001)
ASS014INFLUX Restrictor & Bleed Assembly for Influx Flowmeter (S1000)
FLO014050FLANGED 2" Flanged Flowmeter
FLO014050FLANGEDX 50mm Flanged
FLO014050GROOVED 2" Grooved Flowmeter
FLO014050GROOVEDX 50mm Grooved
FLO014080FLANGED 3" Flanged Flowmeter
FLO014080FLANGEDX 80mm Flanged
FLO014080GROOVED 3" Grooved Flowmeter
FLO014080GROOVEDX 80mm Grooved
FLO014100FLANGED 4" Flanged Flowmeter
FLO014100FLANGEDX 100mm Flanged
FLO014100GROOVED 4" Grooved Flowmeter
FLO014100GROOVEDX 100mm Grooved
FLO014150FLANGED 6" Flanged Flowmeter
FLO014150FLANGEDX 150mm Flanged
FLO014150GROOVED 6" Grooved Flowmeter
FLO014150GROOVEDX 150mm Grooved
FLO014200FLANGED 8" Flanged Flowmeter
FLO014200FLANGEDX 200mm Flanged
FLO014200GROOVED 8" Grooved Flowmeter
FLO014200GROOVEDX 200mm Grooved
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