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  Flow Switches
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Part No.Desc.
SWI018SYSTEM050LPC 50mm System Sensor WFD20E Flow Switch. LPCB & UL/FM Approved (lpc ref: 118e/02)
SWI018SYSTEM065LPC 65MM System Sensor WFD25E Flow Switch. LPCB & UL/FM Approved (lpc ref: 118e/03)
SWI018SYSTEM080LPC 80MM System Sensor WFD30-2E LPC, UL/FM Approved Flow Switch (Hole Size:50mm) (lpc ref:118e/04
SWI018SYSTEM100LPC 100mm System Sensor wfde Flow Switch (Hole Size:50mm). LPCB & UL/FM Approved (lpc ref: 118e/05)
SWI018SYSTEM150LPC 150mm System Sensor WFD60E Flow Switch LPCB & UL/FM Approved (lpc 118e/06)
SWI018SYSTEM200LPC 200mm System Sensor WFDE80 LPCB UL/FM Approved Flow Switch (lpc ref:118e/07)
SWI018SYSTEMEPS10-1 System Sensor EPS10-1 Single Contact UL/FM Approved Pressure Switch
SWI018SYSTEMEPS10-2 System Sensor EPS10-2 UL/FM Pressure Switch
SWI018SYSTEMEPS40-2 System Sensor EPS40-2 High/Low Pressure UL/FM Approved Pressure Switch
SWI018SYSTEMOSY2 System Sensor Model OSY-2 UL/FM Approved Supervisory Switch
SWI018SYSTEMPS120-2A System Sensor EPS120-2 UL/FM Approved High/Low Pressure Switch
SWI018SYSTEMPSP1 System Sensor PSP1 Plug-In Supervisory Switch
SWI018SYSTEMWFDT System Sensor UL Approved WFDT T-TAP Flow Switch (1"-1.5")

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